Documentary. Travel. People. Stories.

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My Work

I've been photographing and filming all my life. From cinematography in live-action and animated films, to photographing events, people and travel, there's nothing I love more than freezing an emotion as a story in a frame.

My photographs have been called cinematic, but I like to think everything I do as emotive –something that makes people curious about the story behind the image.

My work has been sold and licensed through Getty Images, 500px, and directly through me for clients and companies all over the world. I'm always looking for creative collaborations with clients, so please contact me with any questions. 


I started working in film while living in London, on Harry Potter 3. From then on, I worked in cinematography in some of the most cherished films of all time: Toy Story 3, Up, Ratatouille, Wall-E and more.

Photography has been a part of my life since I first picked up a camera as a kid, and my Dad taught me how to see the world. I never let go of the camera, and throughout the years I have traveled and photographed all over the world, with photos published in many publications and blogs.

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